Walking Head for Stelarc

the CelloBot for the
Gazella Award
celloBot.jpg (146728 bytes)
Rotobossophon 2.0 for
Andres Bosshard

roto1.jpg (126611 bytes)
Motion Prosthesis for the
Opera The Wings of Daedalus

selected ordered works, realised
as remmitance or in cooperation








automated curtains
for Vlado Repnik
tcp.jpg (142263 bytes)
aquart cube rotation for Vlado Repnik aquart2.JPG (127559 bytes) automated cable car
for Vlado Repnik
Picture 0996.JPG (42999 bytes)
Big Bulb Display for the
Hellerau Theater
automated stage for NCP

OoC.JPG (4766 bytes)
Mobile Field Center
for Nils Norman
field_garden.jpg (34768 bytes)